Duplessy & the violins of the world "CRAZY HORSE"

New album "Crazy Horse" will released in APRIL 2016!!! the track Crazy Horse"composed by Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig & Mathias Duplessy Absilone ...

Crazy Horse

"Crazy Horse"

Mathias Duplessy & The Violins Of The World

(Absilone / 2016-06-10)

Marco Polo

"Marco Polo"

Mathias Duplessy & The Three Violins of the World

(CD Baby / 2010-01-01)

Private Songs/Public Tunes

"Private Songs/Public Tunes"

Mathias Duplessy

(CD Baby / 2009-05-15)

L'hermite Voyageur

"L'hermite Voyageur"

Mathias Trio Duplessy

(CD Baby / 2009-10-27)